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This summer, Events GB  selected one hundred people to work as managers and coordinators to oversee the cleaning of the Olympic Village during the Olympic and Paralympics Games in London 2012.

The selection process, led by Events GB, was initially started to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in order to offer a quality service. Events GB then made the positions public, posting them online to search for the preferred candidate that the company and position were looking for.

Once the applications were collected, the GB team conducted telephone interviews in English to preselect professional profiles based on professional experience that related to the desired position. After several interviews, the personnel were defined and presented to our clients.

Events GB was a link between the qualified candidates and a foreign company with international prestige. Our company is dedicated not only to select the best employees, but to also help resolve any bureaucratic and legal issues that need to be carried out to travel and work abroad.

Our company ensures employees are motivated at all times, helping to bridge the language and cultural gap through offering high quality work experience in another country, this can not only enrich the candidates personal profile but also enhance the experience in the country where he or she is living.