The organisation of an event requires highly qualified professionals prepared to fulfil the needs of a mega event. On many occasions the work covers a short time period, depending on the characteristics of the event. The availability and the commitment of the workers have to be outstanding, in order to deal with unexpected aspects of the event.

Events GB stands out in human resources, recruiting personnel for conferences, congresses and events. Events GB recruits qualified personnel and adapts the diverse profiles of the candidates to the required work functions. We monitor the personnel selected before and during the event, assuring their best performance for our customers. The methodology that our company uses is based on a competence model that allow us to reach the satisfaction of our clients, who can rely on objective, precise and reliable information on personnel skills.

We select and manage, among others, the following personnel profiles:

  •  Hostesses
  •  Cleaners
  •  Ushers
  •  Drivers
  •  Volunteers

Our services have been offered in the following events:

  •  Master Series Madrid 2002-2007
  •  London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012
  •  Davis Cup Logroño 2010, 1st Round Spain- Switzerland
  •  Davis Cup Barcelona 2009, Final Spain-Czech Republic
  •  Davis Cup Murcia 2009, Semifinal Spain-Israel
  •  Davis Cup Marbella 2009, Quarterfinal Spain-Germany
  •  Davis Cup Madrid 2008, Semifinal Spain-United States
  •  Fed Cup 2008, Final Spain-Russia
  •  World league volleyball, Madrid 2008
  •  Fitness Exhibition 2008
  •  EuroBasket 2007
  •  Madrid Ladies Master Golf 2007- 2009
  •  Madrid Master Senior 2007-2008
  •  America’s Cup Valencia 2007
  •  Moto GP Valencia 2007
  •  Sony Ericsson Championships Madrid 2006-2007
  •  Nations Senior Cup Marbella 2004-2006
Recursos Humanos para Eventos Deportivos


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