In all national and international mega sport events the presence and the participation of volunteers define the successes of the event. The latest London Olympic Games and other global events have confirmed the importance of volunteering.

Nevertheless, each country has a different philosophy on volunteering, which can depend on its different customs and experiences within sport events. Our company takes into account these aspects and believes that an excellent team of volunteers adds quality and value to the event.

The director of Events GB, Gerardo Bielons, has vast experience in managing volunteers in mega sport events and has provided consultancy on these topics in several European organisations. We have the necessary qualifications to prepare Volunteer Programmes customised for each specific sport event.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy to the Local Organising Committee
  • Draft of Volunteer Programmes Strategic Plan
  • Definition of the positions of the volunteers
  • Recruitment
  • Interviews by Competencies
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Management and control of volunteers before, during and after the event

We always act in coordination with the organisation of the event and we believe that attention to the volunteer is essential in order to exert his/her best performance during the event.

Events GB offered its services in the following events:

  • Master Series Madrid 2002-2007 (250 volunteers)
  • Sony Ericsson Championships Madrid 2006-2007 (150 volunteers)
  • EuroBasket 2007 Spain (1.200 volunteers)
  • Rock in Río 2008 (500 volunteers)
  • Semi-final Davis Cup Madrid 2008 (100 volunteers)
  • Madrid Ladies Masters Golf 2007-2008 (30 volunteers)
  • Nations Senior Cup Marbella 2004-2006 (50 volunteers)
  • Final Davis Cup Sevilla 2004 (300 volunteers)
  • Master Senior Comunidad de Madrid 2007-2008 (100 volunteers)
  • Gala del Deporte de la Comunidad de Madrid 2008 (100 volunteers)
Volunteer Programme for Sport Events


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